Companion webpage to the book "Mathematics for Machine Learning"

Copyright 2018 by Marc Peter Deisenroth, A Aldo Faisal, and Cheng Soon Ong. To be published by Cambridge University Press.

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We are in the process of writing a book on Mathematics for Machine Learning that motivates people to learn mathematical concepts. The book is not intended to cover advanced machine learning techniques because there are already plenty of books doing this. Instead, we aim to provide the necessary mathematical skills to read those other books.

We split the book into two parts:

We aim to keep this book fairly short (around 300 pages), so we don't cover everything.

We will keep PDFs of this book freely available after publication.

Report errata and feedback.

Table of contents and draft chapters for download

Part I: Mathematics and Statistics

  1. Introduction and Motivation
  2. Linear Algebra
  3. Analytic Geometry
  4. Matrix Decompositions
  5. Vector Calculus
  6. Probability and Distribution
  7. Continuous Optimization
  8. Further Topics

Part II: Example Machine Learning Methods

  1. Linear Regression
  2. Classification with Support Vector Machines
  3. Linear Dimensionality Reduction
  4. Density Estimation with Gaussian Mixture Models

Report errata and feedback.